Pastor Wayne Kirk

"Like clay in the hands of a potter, so are you in my hands, O house of Israel" Jeremiah 18:6 NIV

Sometimes it is hard for people to relate to a Pastor.   It is especially hard  if you haven’t known one or haven’t been  active in church recently.  Let me assure you, we pastors are just like everyone else.  We are no different than you. We are human  beings who have our strengths and our weaknesses; we laugh and dream; we hurt and cry; just like everyone else.  We have all made our fair share of mistakes and have our regrets in life.  But we remain confident in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who, like the potter referred to in Jeremiah, molds and shapes our lives according to His sovereign will.  Though the clay is marred and flawed (we are all flawed aren’t we?), the potter (Christ) never throws us out nor does he abandon us. Rather, he graciously forms and fashions our lives into a vessel of usefulness, beauty, and purpose.  All of which brings glory to him alone.  I am a living example of a flawed piece of clay who has been held and shaped by the gracious hands of my potter and Savior, Jesus Christ.  How has he been shaping your life?

I’d like to get to know you better.  Perhaps it will help if I tell you a little about me:

I am a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University (B.A) and Southern Methodist University, Perkins School of Theology, (M.TH.).  I did Doctor of Ministry studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, back in the 1990’s but never finished my thesis.  Other things in my life seemed more important at the time. 

I was called by God to preach back when I was 21 years old and the son of a United Methodist minister living in Chicago.  I have been a pastor for over 35 years and have served churches in Texas, Illinois, Florida, and now in Phoenix, Arizona.  I also served concurrently for 25 years as a US Army (Reserve) Chaplain during that time.  In 2003 I was mobilized and deployed overseas to serve in "Operation Iraqi Freedom" with the 244th Aviation Brigade.  I was mobilized repeatedly since then and served in El Salvador and most recently as Deputy Command Installation Chaplain at Fort Dix, New Jersey from 2007-2010.  During that time I counseled thousands of soldiers entering and returning from combat.  I also served with a team of chaplains who made "casualty notification" for those who had fallen in battle in the Philadelphia and New York City area. I retired from the Army in 2010 at the rank of Colonel.

If you are looking for a perfect pastor, I’m not your guy.  I have my share of mistakes and regrets in life.  But if you are looking for someone who can understand what you have gone through; who can relate to your struggles and disappointments; and who wants to introduce you to the Potter who loves you and can remold you into His image; then please give me a chance. 

Remember, God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called!

Because of His Faithfulness!

Pastor Wayne Kirk