An Unexpected Visitor

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On Monday, February 20, the day started out as a pleasant day for Pastor Wayne Kirk.  On his way to his office at church, his thoughts were on his task of planning Lent service and the next Sunday’s sermon. It was going to be a quiet day of work and then home to relax, or so he thought.

Little did he know until he arrived at church, that Satan’s hand was at work in the lives of two innocent people and Northminster Presbyterian Church. Upon his arrival, and to his dismay, there had been a horrible accident. A very large truck going north on 35th Ave had hit a small SUV at the intersection of Sweetwater. Ave. To Pastor Kirk’s surprise, there set this huge truck on top of the church’s two brand new air conditioners and the electrical box. His first thought was for the victims, which he offered help and prayer. God intervened and answered those prayers, because both victims survived according to the news media.

Before we go any further with this article, you might be interested to know that this is not the first time Northminster Church has had air conditioner problems. In July and November of 2011, the church had other unexpected visitors (I’m sure with Satan’s help) that chose to vandalize the air conditioners by removing the copper piping and other valuable parts. Now, this didn’t happen just once, folks, but it happened twice.

Each time new air conditioners were installed at the church.  This time it may take a little longer, but the repairs will be made and two more new air conditioners will appear at the church, and just in time for our rather warm Arizona summer. The most important thing about this unfortunate accident is that God spared the lives of the victims, and with that we are eternally grateful.

However, an unexpected blessing came out of this for Pastor Kirk. Due to the media interviews on the local TV channels, a long ago parishioner’s son, whom Pastor Kirk had baptist 25 years ago in another state and another church, happened to see him on the evening news and contacted him. This can be such a small world we live in, but God places special blessings in front of us when we least expect it. This indeed was a special blessing for Pastor Kirk. It was a chance to renew a long ago friendship and see a new and familiar face at church on Sunday.

It seems as though Satan keeps trying his hand in our lives, but the members of Northminster Presbyterian Church do not back away. In fact they grow even stronger in their faith in Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to have Pastor Wayne and Linda Kirk, and the wonderful families that come to this beautiful church to worship and find a spiritual home. God, indeed, is present in all of the lives at Northminster Church.

We lovingly welcome everyone to come to Northminster Presbyterian Church and experience the Grace of God with us.

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