Angels Among Us

Sunshine AngelsYes, sale we do have angels among us. Some of them are known as the Sunshine Angels. These angels are a group of loving, dedicated people who work very hard to support the children of the Sunshine Group Homes. They spend countless hours providing an opportunity for these children who have been separated from their families, to give them a somewhat normal life. However, this is not a normal life like you and I may know.

As of December 2011, there were 250 children in the Sunshine Group Homes in the Phoenix area. Often these children come into the system with just the clothes on their backs and not much hope for their future. Unfortunately, there is not enough qualified foster homes, so the children are sent to the group homes

This is where the Sunshine Angels work really begins. They see that the children have some clothing, school supplies, food and some fun in their lives. But most of all, the angels provide them with guidance and love. The Sunshine Angels recognize the needs and are in the process of setting up a clothing bank with clothes, shoes, underwear and etc. for all ages of children: both girls and boys.

The Sunshine Angels also provide the children with some extra attention, such as birthdays and special holiday celebrations. At Christmas 2011, the angels gave the children a celebration party with entertainment by a magician and dinner. The children got a chance to showoff their talents of dancing and received awards for their amazing movements. In addition, each of the 24 group homes was provided a Christmas party where the children were each given a gift certificate and allowed to go shopping for clothing or items of their choice. It’s amazing how grateful these children are for things we take for granted.

Northminster Presbyterian Church members and Outreach Ministry have taken these children under their wings along with The Sunshine Angels. Our church family has a deep desire to help whenever it is needed; whether it is food, clothing, guidance, love, or setting a spiritual example.

If you are fortunate enough to meet a Sunshine Angel, tell them thank you for all the work they do. They are giving these children a chance at a better life and so should we. If you would like to help support this worthwhile cause, please contact the Outreach Ministry or the Northminster Presbyterian Church office.

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