Children Of Our Tomorrow

NPC<CPS<God's Angels,God's Children,school supplies,clothingFood Bank, Outreach Ministry What will tomorrow bring? None of us can answer that question. However, for the children of The Sunshine Group Homes, that question is part of their daily existence.

They come from broken homes, lose of parents, parents no longer wanting or able to care for them, or even dangerous situations. Once they come into the state agency, CPS, and there are no foster families available, they are sent to a group home called The Sunshine Group Home. There are approximately 24 homes which normally house 10 children each.  The homes are age appropriate from 5 to 18 years. Once they reach 18 years of age, they are aged out and are on their own.

This was the situation until recently, when the need of foster care placement increased and as a result children were added to the already full group homes. Many times these children come with just the clothes on their back and a hope for a better tomorrow. There is always a need for these children. 

How can we turn our backs on these helpless children?  Well, we don’t at Northminster Church. We have several members who have been actively volunteering with the Sunshine Angels for a number of years. The group of angels is adults who volunteer their time and energy to see that these children have the necessities, such as clothing, shoes, school supplies, and most of all love and the feeling that someone cares. The Sunshine Angels are indeed God’s Angels caring for God’s Children

The help that Northminster members give does not stop there.  The Outreach Ministry has made this one of their most important projects. Through the ministries NPC Food Bank, which helps feed families in the community, we have been able to help supply needed food as well to the Sunshine Homes. The budget that the group homes operate with has decreased and does not allow for all the things the children need.

Through YOUR generosity, Northminster has helped supply school supplies, food and other items in the past. Presently, the need is for new undergarments and socks.  So, if you would like to help in any way, such as purchasing clothing or even a small cash donation, please contact Flo Smithiger of The Sunshine Angels, Gloria Oldham of Outreach Ministry, or the NPC office.

You will be helping the children that will be OUR TOMORROW.


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