Hats Off To A Successful BBQ

Northminster Presbyterian Church, <a href=story western BBQ, sales fun, doctor food,friendship,entertainment” src=”http://northminsteronline.com/wp-content/uploads/image/hat.jpg” />The 31st Annual Western BBQ was an outstanding success this year. The preparations started a couple weeks in advance with the pantry remodeling. What a nice change for the people that worked in the kitchen. The cooking utensils were so much easier to find and to put away.

We got off to a running start on Tuesday with cleaning the kitchen until it was squeaky clean and sterile. That was followed by the cake baking. Yum, did that ever smell good! On Wednesday, not much got done, because most of the volunteers were working at the NPC Food Bank. That is another very important Outreach project.

Now back to the BBQ preparations. Thursday found our tireless volunteers there again to unpack the food for the dinner. There was meat to be cut and prepare for cooking later on. That is usually a job for our hearty men. Of course some of the ladies were there to supervise.

Then came Friday, the day was filled with so many things, baking bread, icing cakes, setting up tables,  a lot of laughter and fun, and of course, sterilizing everything again. You must remember that most of these folks have been involved in this special church function for many, many years, thirty one to be exact. So this work is planned and carried out with precision. The day ended with the meat and beans in the pit and all was quiet in the kitchen.

Saturday was our big day. Everybody was there bright and early and ready to roll. I believe the entire congregation came for this delectable meal and the friendship and fun that is all part of it. Our Youth Group entertained the kids with games and the youth band “Unashamed” entertained everyone with beautiful music throughout the evening.

Northminster Presbyterian Church members are rich in love for Jesus Christ and each other and this is apparent in the many Outreach Ministry mission projects they do, and the enjoyment they have doing them. 

If you are searching for a church home where you can worship God and enjoy the blessings of friendship and love, you have found it right here at NPC!  

We welcome you to come and meet Pastor Wayne Kirk and visit our beautiful Northminster Church. It could truly change your life!


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