“HE” Touched Their Lives

This is an article written by one of Northminsters own members, of the Outbreak Youth Group’s experience on an October weekend, helping repair the Wallow Fire damage done to the Presbyterian Church Camp Montlure. For many years Northminster Church has had fund raising events to help send these kids to Camp Montlure during the summer. For many of them, it was a time to find and grow their faith in Jesus Christ and develop lifelong friendships in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. If you speak with the youth who have been fortunate enough to go there, you will see how meaningful this experience has been in their lives.

Here is Amy’s article……

This weekend we were blessed with the opportunity to go to Northern Arizona to the small hamlet named Greer, and be a part of the Camp Montlure Clean-Up Project. It was a very emotional and humbling experience, and quite difficult to see first hand what the Wallow Fire did to this beautiful camp and the surrounding areas.

We worked hard filling sand bags, cleaning, and sanding cabins and buildings. The fellowship and bonds that were made through the sadness and devastation of this event thoroughly moved me. God spoke to all of us loud and clear this weekend. It was so hard to see the pain and sadness on my friends and family’s faces. I spent some time with the majority of our young adults who went on this adventure, and here are some of their personal thoughts, feelings, and how God worked through us this early October weekend….Amy Watkins

"That through all the devastation God’s glory shines through more now then it ever has before " –Amy Blumenstein

"Happiness and sadness blankets Arizona because of the Wallow fire, but still God shines through it all" –Kyle Pickens

"I just keep thinking about the 23 years of memories and experiences I was blessed to have here, and how sad it is that there is an entire generation of kids that will miss out" –Mike Albert

"Hard rewarding work" – Nick Remele

"With every death there is rebirth"  –Tessa Peterson

"Even though camp is destroyed it helped us come together" – Calob Stacy

"I never thought I’d see the day when Montlure, my favorite camp ever got burnt down" – Nick Castle

"No matter how hot the fire our faith burns brighter" – Matthew Blumenstein

"I don’t know how to explain specifically my experience at Montlure, having never been there before but I took in everybody’s pain" –Wesley Wells

"This weekend I learned how great God truly is. What happened to Montlure was absolutely tragic but being there this past weekend was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. God allowed me to see love and compassion grow from tragedy and devastation by bringing us together as a group to rebuild something that was so precious to each and every one of us. I saw God’s work through each of us and I know that this experience is something none of us will ever forget." -Brittany Hines

For the people of our beautiful North Country of Arizona, the handprint of destruction from the Wallow Fire will in time fade from their lives, but for the youth of Northminster, the handprint of Jesus Christ on their lives will be there forever.


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