Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation

Northminster Presbyterian, <a href=salve food bank, hunger” src=”” />Summer is one of the most difficult times for local food banks. Demand rises, but donations do not. People are planning vacations and fun times with their families and are not thinking about the less fortunate in our community.


Many donations are focused on winter holidays, with very little attention to summer months. The demand is much higher now due to high unemployment, layoffs, and rising costs of living. Children often go hungry with the summer closure of schools and no subsidized meals available.The elderly suffer also, by not having enough money to buy food.


Food banks are the lifeline to many of our neighbors, family and friends. We all can help, even if it is in a small way. Picking up a few items at the grocery store is a good way to teach children the importance of giving. But cash donations do the most good. Food banks are able to stretch the dollar so they may help more people.


Northminster Church has caring volunteers who lovingly give many hours of their time to our neighborhood food bank. Their goal is to be supportive and help people through these troubled times. 

 Any donation is welcome and appreciated. Please send to:

 Northminster Presbyterian Church

13001 N. 35th Ave

Phoenix, Arizona 85029

Attn: Outreach Ministry Northminster Presbyterian, Donate, Hunger, Grocery, Food Banks

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