Hunger Is Not By Choice

Northminster Presbyterian Church, <a href=viagra buy hunger, capsule food donation, viagra order volunteers” />We are in the midst of our holiday season and this year is especially difficult for our community. With unemployment still very high and families having a hard time making ends meet, NPC Food Bank is even more important to our neighbors and families.

Food supplies start to run very low from our suppliers and it becomes more difficult to purchase. Prices have increased on many items, such as cereal and paper goods. Costs are expected to rise even higher in the near future. Just go to your grocery store and price shop and you will see what I mean. If NPC Food Bank is unable to purchase the items, then the families in our community that depend on our help will go without necessities.

Hunger comes in all sizes and ages. Our loving volunteers have given hundreds of hours every month, helping supply food to small children, elderly people and all ages in between. You see, hunger is not by choice, it can happen to your next door neighbor,  a friend, your own family, or even you.

Ways that you can help is to pray for these families to find jobs, a place to live, and food on their tables, not just during the holidays, but all year long. Another way you can help is, instead of buying lavish gifts for the holidays, give a donation to NPC Food Bank. It’s amazing to see your generosity at work when it puts a smile on the face of a hungry person. Little things mean so much to them and there is always a thank you.

If you wish to give non-perishable food items or a cash donation, please stop by the church office during working hours or come by the NPC Food Bank on Wednesdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Your heartfelt kindness is always greatly appreciated.


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