In God’s Time

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Finally, our prayers have been answered and the repairs from the February accident have been completed to Northminster Presbyterian Church, and just in time for the rather warm weather we have in Arizona. As you may recall from the article under (Member Stories-An Unexpected Visitor) a large truck attempting to avoid hitting a car, came through the property and hit the wall surrounding the electrical and air conditioner units.

When you are dealing with insurance companies and contractors; timing and patience is a very important virtue. All of this work took many hours of phone calls and trips to the church, by our Building and Grounds Elder Gene Oldham and his crew of volunteers. Many thanks to these wonderful members for their generosity of time and hard work.

With the expertise and help of the volunteers in our Building and Grounds Ministry, we now have our new electrical panel, new air conditioners, a new wall, and soon to have trees replaced. Everything is painted and completed and thanks to one of our members, Mark Castle, we also have a much needed security gate.

The hard work that went into this task reminds us of a sermon that Pastor Kirk gave last Sunday (see sermon 05-20-12-Jesus is Ruler of the Kings on Earth).  The sermon was about GOD being in charge of everything in our lives. No matter how hard we humans try to take control of things, it is really HE who is in charge and all things will get done “IN GOD’S TIME”. 

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