Many Thanks from Sunshine House

Northminster Presbyterian Church, thank you,Sunshine House,Sunshine Angels

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful support you continue to provide to the kids in the Sunshine Group Homes.  Because of your caring and generous help (and with the help of Calvary Church), we now have 280 backpacks with plenty of school supplies for the kids who will be going back to school. This is what was needed with a few extras that will be available for any new children coming into the system before school begins.


You made it possible for these children to get off to a great start for the school year.  You opened your hearts to these deserving children and God is blessing them because you have shown them that they are loved.
Thank you for being my loving church family–always there to help when there is a need.  On behalf of the Sunshine Angels and the 244 Children in the Sunshine Residential Group Homes, thank you for showing God’s love in such wonderful way!  
Flo Andersen Smithiger – Outreach Ministry coordinator for Sunshine House

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