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 Northminster Presbyterian, <a href=salve Kneeling Soldier, Military news, Prayer List” />   Cpl.  John Krueger, grandson of Bill and Jean Waltman and nephew of Debi Matasci will be officially discharged from the Marine Corps on August 27.  He served in Iraq as a turret gunner on an armored vehicle escorting convoys of troops and materials to various outposts.  Near the end of his enlistment he volunteered to serve an extra seven months so he could go to Afghanistan where he took part in guarding Kajaki Dam in the central mountains.  Following his discharge, John plans to attend college in Denver, Colorado, to become a civil engineer. 

Jeff Sosnowski, grandson of Margie Cook, is a Cheif Warrant Officer in the Marines and is stationed at Richland, North Carolina. Matthew Sosnowski,also a grandson of Margie Cook, is a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and is stationed in El Paso.       

Both Jeff and Matthew have been added to our Prayer Lists; we thank John Krueger for his services to us and our great nation.


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