Northminster Vacation Bible School

Northminster Presbyterian, Cross, Christ, Northminster Presbyterian Church holds Vacation Bible School every summer. This year was July 18-22, 2011 from 6PM to 8PM. The VBS theme was Kindgom of the Son: A Prayer Safari.  The children, 45 in all, learned to memorize the Lord’s Prayer, as well as how it applied in their life. The meaning of the Lord’s Prayer was also taught in depth through fun activities.  These related activities were songs, crafts and snacks.  The Bible Stories were read / taught, with Pastor Wayne Kirk and Bill Whitley acting out parts of the Bible Stories,  at a mock Serengeti safari camp. 

Not only did we learn the Lord’s Prayer but the Vacation Bible School had a mission – to help build a school in Africa. .   Northminster Presbyterian, Vacation Bible School, Children, Bible Stories, Lord's PrayerThe children learned of the need of this school for these children and raised over $80.00. They were excited to know the African children would benefit a great deal from their labor of love and wished to forward to them a group picture of them with their donation.

Deb Matasci
Christian Ed.Director
Northminster Presbyterian Church


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