NPC Feeds Furry Friends

Northminster Presbyterian Church, <a href=here empty bowl pet food pantry, pet food bank, dog” src=”” />When we take a pet into our lives, we are promising to love and care for them just like we would a family member.  However, when tough times come, we should never have to make a decision as to whether our family is fed or our pets are fed, when there is no money to spare.

This thought was brought to the attention of one of NPC’s Outreach Ministry members, Barabara Shope. While watching a local TV station program a few months ago, she heard an interesting segment about an organization that is basically a Food Bank for pets. Since, Barb is a regular volunteer of NPC Food Bank and a pet/lover; she was quite interested in finding out more about this organization.

She took the time to call the phone number and was fortunate enough to speak with Donna Barker, who is a founding member/executive vice president of The Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry. Donna explained that her group was a non-profit organization that depended strictly on donations from various sources when pet food becomes available to them. Donna then works with different groups to supply them with pet food and various other pet items; that are then passed on to families who need help feeding their pets.

NPC Outreach Ministry and church officers agreed that this was a very worthwhile project.  When families in our community became aware that Northminster would help supply food to our furry friends; they were absolutely delighted. One lady said her dog had been getting whatever table scraps there were and had been searching in garbage cans because he was so hungry. We hope we brought happiness to the life of that family by letting them know Northminster Church cares about their pets too.

For more information on the amazing work that The Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry does, you can go to their website at Northminster Presbyterian Church, pet food, sad dog, empty bowl, love


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