NPC Food Bank Feeds Children

John 21:17, Jesus tells Peter, "If you love me, take care of my sheep" "feed my sheep". 


Northminster Presbyterian Church, hunger, Sunshine House,children, NPC Food BankThe NPC Food Bank reaches out to the community and provides food to help people in need. The Food Bank operates strictly on donations from our congregation and outside giving.  This caring Outreach Ministry is taking care of God’s sheep and feeding them! 
Recently, the NPC Food Bank was made aware of a real need, beyond the people in our community that come to the Food Bank every week. Can you picture a child who is hungry for food and love? Can you picture each of the 24 Sunshine Group Homes having their food budgets cut?  Can you image even one house with 10 growing boys or girls, and trying to feed them three nutritious meals a day, plus some snacks, on less than $100 per week for the entire home? This is what is now happening in our community. Our state has found it necessary to cut funding and the result has been budgets cut for the children’s group homes.
NPC Food Bank became aware that the Sunshine Group Homes have had their food budgets cut and that trying to feed ten growing children in each house on their scant weekly budget is difficult.  So once again, Northminster’s Outreach Ministry is stepping up through the NPC Food Bank to help these children.  When the Food Bank’s purchasing team finds food to buy, that goes beyond the needs of the community, they purchase this food and are now offering it to the Sunshine Group Homes. They are expanding their ministry to feeding even more of God’s sheep.  Through great organization and many volunteer hours, they have been able to feed the community and these children without using church funding. 
It is exciting to witness the joy of these children when this food is delivered to their group home.  Extra bread — peanut butter — canned food, and treats. To them, it is like Christmas came early! 
So, to all people of Northminster Church, praise God!  Thank you for your support to the NPC Food Bank.  Thank you for helping to care for God’s sheep and for providing food for them. The Outreach Ministry deserves strong support and involvement so even more of God’s people will be cared for and fed with God’s love!



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