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There are two new official "Angels" at NPC, Barbara Shope joined the Sunshine Angels as a volunteer a few months ago and this past week Mary Beth Mullen offically became a new Angel as well.  There are no words that adequately describe the importance of the Sunshine Angels to the children in the Sunshine Group Homes.  These Angels are truly "loved" by these kids and they do not hesitate to make this known to these volunteers.  It takes a lot of dedication and consistency to be a volunteer angel but the rewards are endless.  So, bless you Barbara and Mary Beth — you truly are "angels"! 

The children of the Sunshine Group Homes consider Northminster Church members as part of their family.  They are very aware of how often and how much the people at NPC have helped them in the past with needs that have arisen. 
The recent providing of backpacks for these children by Northminster members was no less than amazing! NPC provided more than 100 of the backpacks that were needed and with some of your donations, all supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, calculators, etc., etc.,) were able to be purchased for these children. What a great start for their school year.

There is a current need these children have in the way of clothing.  They need lots of socks (white athletic type in all sizes for boys and typical socks in all sizes for girls. They also are in need of underwear (boxers for boys and panties for girls). Too often when these children are brought to the group homes by CPS, they come only with the clothing they are wearing. 
CPS does provide some funds for clothing, however, this funding has been cut to $50 twice a year, and this is to include all clothing these children will receive.  This is the reason the Sunshine Angels raise funds to buy these children shoes and to provide gift cards at Christmas for the children to help them with their clothing needs.
When the children of Sunshine House hear Northminster Church mentioned, they know they have a whole family of "Angels" to be there for them.  God Bless You for caring about these precious children of God and letting them know that they are not forgotten!

If you would like to help with the needed clothing for these children, please contact Flo Smithiger at NPC.



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