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Northminster Church, <a href=for sale food bank, sale volunteers” src=”” />The year 2012 is well underway at the Northminster Church Food Bank. Thanks to Bill Greer and all the Outreach volunteers that so unselfishly give many hours of their time. For some it is driving their own vehicles to purchase food, thumb pick up bread products, farm fresh produce, supplies, and even pet food.

The purchase of these items has all been made possible by generous donations from Northminster Church members.  The first quarter of 2012 (January, February, & March), NPC Food Bank was able to supply food for 512 families in our surrounding community. It took over 1100 volunteer hours to accomplish this.

The amount of food that was distributed during this time was approximately 11,800 pounds of staples, 3500 pounds of fresh produce, and 1975 pounds of pet food. The families in our community are very grateful for the items they get. For many of them, there would be no other source of food. They have been without jobs for a long time, some have lost there homes, and for others, unemployment and food stamps have run out.

These figures do not include the large quantity of food that the food bank gives to The Sunshine Group Homes to help feed the children.This is one of many Outreach projects that the Northminster family has taken under their wings to help give these children a better life. The children are so grateful for what they get.

Northminster Church,food bank, volunteersIt is so amazing to see the joy for the volunteers when they are able to help these desperate families. Never do you hear a complaint from any of the volunteers for all the time and work they do. Each volunteer has made new friendships with co-workers and customers as well. It feels like a large family working together. Everyone gives their all to help others.

The Northminster Church family is very proud of the accomplishments of the food bank and the people that volunteer there.  No one knows what the future holds for our community, but our hope is that some day soon, there won’t be a need for the food bank. But for now, we will be there to help those in need.

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