The Ones Left Behind

Northminster Church, <a href=malady NPC Food Bank, link Sunshine Angels,Sunshine Homes,Outreach Ministry” src=”” />The number of children in the foster care system has reached a new record according to data from the Arizona State Department of Economic Security. There were 13,191 children living with relatives or in foster homes, shelters or group homes as of May 31, 2012. That is an increase of 413 children in one month!

These are not all older children. Thirty-five under the age of 4 years old, inluding 10 babies are being housed in shelters. Forty-one children who are 6 years old or younger were living in group homes, according to the latest monthly report. The abuse and neglect they come from is staggering and there seems to be no answer to this heartbreaking problem.

The only thing that most of these children want is love, security and a family. But for many of them, they will never get the chance to experience a real family life, as we know it. They will be the ones left behind. The closest they may come, is to be moved into a group home, such as The Sunshine Homes. At least, there they will have safety, love, and support; thanks to the Sunshine Angels.

The Sunshine Angels are a group of volunteers who devote their lives to these kids. They are there for birthdays and holidays and to wipe the tears away and calm the fears of these children. Imagine when you were small and you had been removed from the only family you had ever known. No matter how bad the situation, this is all the family they have.

Group homes are receiving children faster than they can find room for them. In one month they went from 250 kids to 290. The children are coming in faster than they can be placed. Many foster homes are closing their doors. This is a frightening situation, yet when we think of what these children are living with, we see how blessed our lives have been.

Northminster Church Outreach Ministry has made the project of helping the Sunshine Angels and the Sunshine Homes a priority. This group is made up of loving, caring members who recognize the needs of the children in The Sunshine Homes. The ministry has asked for the support of all church members and NPC Food Bank to help with this special project. The Outreach Ministry collects donations each month, of items that are needed for The Sunshine Kids.

One of the most urgent items is food and NPC Food Bank, with the support of church members and its many volunteers, have rolled up their sleeves as well, and are generously supplying much needed food for the children. Thanks to Bill Greer, NPC Food Bank coordinator, and his expertise and knowledge in buying from the major food banks and getting food donations from businesses. NPC Food Bank has helped many local families as well as the Sunshine Homes over the past three years.

None of this would be possible without member donations and the many volunteers that unselfishly give their time picking up food, packaging and stocking items, and most of all helping the families that come to the food bank. If you would like to be a part of this great cause, we welcome you to join us at Northminster Church and help give these children and families a better life.

NEW INFORMATION as of August 6, 2012:

Four more homes have been purchased to house the children, which now totals 330 children in 30 Sunshine Homes


The Outreach Ministry


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