This Week In Our Prayers

Northminster Church, <a href=sale prayers for health, prayers for safety, prayers for individuals” />Each week we take several families from the directory to keep in our prayers. This week they are: Gene & Gloria Oldham, Pearl Osei, Randy Oteng, Nally Oteng Boadi, Lyle & Margaret Palmer, Shirley Peebles and Joan Perez.

In addition we ask for special Health Prayers for the following individuals: Mark Castle, Shirley Peebles, Flo Smithiger, Verla Cade, Artie Miller, Irene Rodgers and Olive McCall.

We also ask for Prayers of Safety for Daniel Butler, Cory Lee, George Goodwyn, Eric Bollinger, Christopher Butler, Benjamin Waltman, Shawn Carrier, Brandon Andersen,  Rebecca/Stephen Landsiedel, Christian Wright, Richard Treadwell, Larissa Thatcher, Jeff Sosnowski, Matthew Sosnowski, Jeremy Varnell, Christian Wright, Katie Waltman  & to all the men and women who are serving our country in the military.


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