What’s New at NPC Food Bank

FoodBk22After a long three months at the end on 2012, ambulance NPC Food Bank again opened its doors in Februaary 2013. Many long hours and much labor went into bringing the food bank up to Maricopa County code. There was new flooring, sildenafil painted shelving, new sinks and plumbing, and a donated commercial refrigerator/freezer. The food bank now had the capacity to keep perishables at required temperatures.

Then the time came for the anticipated county inspection.  The food bank proudly passed with flying colors and the volunteers were ready to help customers by providing much needed food to area families. In the end it was well worth it.

As the months followed, we began rebuilding our customer base. At this time, we have between 250 to 300 families enrolled. The food bank has been averaging 7 to 10 new customers each week. So, as you can imagine, the need is still great in our community. Our hope is to continue helping as many people as we can and thanks to Bill Greer and his ability to purchase food at a very low price, we are hoping to be here as long as we are needed.

Recently, two exciting things have happened to our food bank. The first was a much needed large commercial freezer that was purchased from donations generously given by our church members. The NPC Food Bank is totally supported by these same donations from our church family. Without them, there would be no food bank.Food Bank,volunteers

The second event was an opportunity to receive fresh produce from a local Target Super Store. We have been offered grade ‘A” produce, bakery goods and boxed goods. The food bank is currently bringing in and distributing approximately 5000 lbs of food each week. This takes a lot of organizing skills, tireless energy and the ability to purchase at a low price. All this is made possible by Bill Greer, our coordinator and his small crew of volunteers who pickup and delivery the food to the food bank.

What a blessing we have at Northminster Church. Numerous church members are being helped, as well as area families and the Sunshine Kids Outreach Project.  We would like to thank all of the volunteers who unselfishly donate their time and labor to this Outreach project.  Many of them have been involved since the food bank opened over 3 years ago. They are the force that brings this all together.

If you are interested in volunteering for a worthwhile cause, please contact Bill Greer or Gloria Oldham for information.

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