With Much Gratitude From Bill And Gwen Evans

Gwen and I just wanted to express our love and gratitude again for your generosity in being part of the amazing crew of friends that gathered at our move. I’m sure that without you all that I’d have just ended up a puddle that rolled down the sidewalk and evaporated in Phoenix. But with such good friends, it was a day etched in our memories, and will help to keep you in our hearts.

   NOrthminster Presbyterian, Thank you, Generosity, sermon, Three Women, God's Love, Grace, puddle, memories, move We got the house cleaned and have made the 1,430 mile drive in our car, and cat and dog as well, and we are safely here in Omaha. We have several volunteers from Nepal who will be helping us unpack, so how cool is that?  We are in awe of the generosity and loving spirit of all of you. It was a great bookend to the sermon I preached in the early days called Three Women and a Dolly – – A little Help from our Friends. God’s love has once again been expressed in active love by God’s people.  Grace and thanks to all.  (Pastor Bill)

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