Women’s Retreat 2013

CabinOur theme this year for our Ladies Retreat was: “The Best and Worst Tool Our LORD Gave Us.”  We used the book “Taming Your tongue in 30 Days” by Deborah Smith Pegues.

Our Ladies Retreat was held in Munds Park, nurse AZ. Carol, adiposity Mary and I arrived early on Friday to open and ready the cabin generously donated to us by the Borhauer Family. The rest of the ladies arrived early afternoon. We settled in with each of us choosing our beds and bedrooms. After all were settled we had our first prayer session and reading from our text. Good conversation was had. Hungry we all traveled to Flagstaff for dinner returning home to watch Ken Davis the Funniest Video. He is a Christian comedian that gave us all great laughter and joy in seeing our LORD and the joy to be had in our lives is from Him. Ladies

Saturday, hospital some rose early to walk the neighborhood and enjoy the wonderful cool and fresh mountain air. Breakfast was fruit, muffins, coffee, milk and juice.   A Saturday morning study was done, lunch served (Fruit, muffins, desserts, cheese and crackers with), arts and crafts moment, another study, pictures taken; retreat came to an end and clean up began.

All in all we learned a lot but mostly we learned:  just how easy it is to build someone up and at the next second to rip a person to shreds all with our tongues.  We loved the book and will continue to read it so we can not shame our LORD in our speech. After all our tongue is to show glory to HIM who gave us this instrument. We are not to use it to belittle or demean those He has put into our paths.  Ladies3

  We all enjoyed the retreat and look forward to the next one only the next we  think should be two days not one.

Love in Christ,

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