13001 N 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029

(602) 942-7530

Vision Statement

Our Vision

  • Is to grow deeper by looking higher.
  • To grow individually by participating in community, click and
  • To grow larger by supporting small groups.

Our Philosophy is that Northminster

  • Depends upon the leadership of Christ to build his church.
  • Believes Christ’s church is characterized by fruitful ministry.
  • Believes that fruitful ministry is a product of faithful prayer.
  • Regards personal, spiritual and corporate growth as Christ’s intention for His Church.
  • Affirms that a personal relationship with Christ determines such growth.
  • Believes that Christ tranforms people through His indwelling Spirit.
  • Expects transformed people to become Christ’s agents for transforming the church and the community.
  • Compels this congregation to give high priority to ministering to those currently not part of our church.
  • Affirms that this is joyful work that requires our best effort.
  • Accepts the premise that risk is necessary.
  • Utilizes the gifts and abilities God gives each of us, and
  • Recognizes that God calls pastors and officers to lead and feed the people so they, in turn can become fruitful ministers.

Our Goals and Objectives


  • That each person entering Northminster Presbyterian Church experiences the invitation, warmth and love of Christ.
  • That each person attending Northminster Presbyterian Church hears, learns, and understands salvation through Christ, and
  • That each person accepting the Grace of Christ goes forth as a disciple into the world.