13001 N 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029

(602) 942-7530

Buildings & Grounds

Vision & Mission

Primary function is to oversee construction, remodeling, repairs, and maintenance to all church buildings and properties in a timely manner. In addition to maintenance and repair of the buildings, the team ensures the care of lawns and greenery and the replacement of banners and flags. Security cameras are maintained outside and inside the buildings. We endeavor to keep the church property safe for all persons visiting and using the facilities during scheduled events.

We have been blessed with the USA and Christian flags donation from the Boys Scouts of America Pack and Troup 805

This team can always use a helping hand in the upkeep of our facility.


Rhonda Gordon

Kyle Marsh

Dana Doubrava

John Chilton


Landcare:  volunteers

Custodial Services:  Jani-King and volunteers

Rhonda Gordon Elder Liaison

for immediate concerns email northminsterphoenix@gmail.com