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“He was one of our number and shared in our ministry.”

Outreach Members

We encourage all of our covenant partners (members) to participate in outreach.

Elder Liaison: Session

The Outreach Ministry is a group of compassionate, dedicated Christians who unselfishly give their time and energy to projects that meet the needs of the church and community. As Christians, our mission is to serve others in a loving, friendly, and warm environment. 

Outreach Supports

NPC Food Bank –
The Food Bank was setup and organized by church members around 2007. We saw a need to offer food to members and families who were hard hit economically.  The Outreach Ministry and the volunteers have helped make this worthwhile project a reason for hope to many people in our community. After a number of years operating independently, we partnered under St. Mary’s Food Bank and became a food rescue food bank in order to serve more families. The Food Bank provides needed nourishment for an average of 200 families a month. We have maintained an A rating through the Health Department and St Mary’s for our clean, safe and organized food pantry. Volunteers need to obtain a food handlers card to participate.  Food is received on Mondays and Fridays, distributed to the public on Wednesday 8:00-9:00 a.m. each week (or when the food is gone).  Contact Pat Chamberlain to volunteer or donate.

The Sunshine Angels –
NPC supports the children of The Sunshine Group Homes. The help to these children from NPC comes through the non-profit organization called Sunshine Angels. This organization was started by Florence (Flo) Anderson Smithiger, a member of NPC.  This organization identifies numerous needs these children have which is not covered by the State funding.  We offer support through donated school supplies, clothing, and hygiene products.  In the past, we have also provided Christmas parties with gifts and Santa visit, food, and birthday cakes. The Outreach Ministry reaches out into our community and finds ways to help in a Christian way.   There is a donation receptacle in the Narthex (foyer).   The Sunshine Angels has been able to secure large donors for their needs but you can still donate and we will forward your donation.

Tumbleweed Elementary School – 

Starting in the 2020 school year, we began donating backpacks, lunchboxes, and classroom supplies for students and teachers.  We, also, give a thank you gift bag of goodies to every school employee in September and May.  Contact Beth Perrin or Carol Pickens to donate or help. 

08/08/2022 15 backpacks full of supplies plus a laundry basket full of extra supplies were donated. 

March 2023 the school had a shortfall of dry erase markers, we supplied a basket full plus 10 packages of just black markers to special needs students.

Dec 2022 & 2023: A Tumbleweed family in need was provided Christmas gifts, stocking stuffer items and food cards to help them celebrate as a family.

8/23 Many school supplies were donated.

Financial Support to Mission Aviation Fellowship, Samaritan’s Purse and to church planters Caleb and Summer Shocklie (through The Antioch Partners). You can donate directly or label your donation to our church for these missions.

If you shop at Fry’s Food and Drug, link your account through their Community Rewards site and select Northminster Presbyterian Church (Phoenix). A percentage of your purchase is forwarded to the church, and we give 100% of that money to Samaritan’s Purse.

Military Support Ministry-

This ministry began with Margaret and Lyle Palmer’s desire to support our family military members. The military personnel pictures are on display in the church Narthex (foyer) with name and rank of military branch. The team is self-supported, and all donations come from the congregation (or anyone interested in assisting in this cause) for letters/packages sent to military family member for holidays and special events. Anyone interested in assisting in this ministry may contact Adrienne Wells

Want to Get Involved? Contact Us!

At Northminster we strive to not only help others in need but to also share the gospel and bring others to Jesus.  Our Outreach program has helped many people over the years.  If you would like to join our Outreach Team or help, please contact us here.